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Our Plan





Our preferred option entitles customers to rent our NANOS products directly from our company. In addition to providing significant cost savings, this option also entitles customers to enjoy complimentary parts and services, in addition to receiving product upgrades throughout the rental period. As our preferred members, there will also be many perks and other offers from time to time, thus maximizing the value of being together with us. 




FULL PURCHASE (Requires Membership Enrolment)


Customers who prefer the freedom of ownership may choose to purchase our products directly at full cost. As a gesture of appreciation for their patronage, full purchase customers will still enjoy complimentary parts and services for a substantial period after the initial purchase. 


NANOS is a solution powerhouse that can customize the different plan for every customer. Consumers are guaranteed with the service as below:


  1. Change of Filter
    Our NANOS Man will perform routine visits to replace the filter at no extra charge.

  2. NANOS HEART Services
    Our NANOS man will regularly visit and examine the product with care to ensure its tip-top condition for the convenience of our customers.

  3. After-Sale Services
    Customers will enjoy replacement parts and services throughout the rental period. NANOS Customer Care Doctor will visit to settle all mechanical issues that pertain to your NANOS product.

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