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Energy Water

In producing the purest drinking water, we have innovated the NANOS Energy Water, which is an art in its own rights with its thoughtful and practical design. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, its six-filter patented design combines the natural mineral ceramic beads, nano silver activated charcoal and other natural substances to transform normal tap water into its pristine state. NANOS Energy Water is the perfect water system that consumes no electricity, thus making it the most efficient and user-friendly water purifier ever known in the market.  


NANOS Energy Water delivers high quality water by filtering out impurities and substances that are harmful to the human body. Undeniably, it is the perfect companion in every household that guarantees the supply of clean and safe drinking water every day.

Easy Filter Replacement

Its hidden pipes are tidy in appearance and can be easily dismantled for maintenance work. With its easily rotatable filters, filter replacement has never been easier. 

Repollution-Proof Filters

Its filters no longer consist of pipes and lids, therefore preventing the possibility of repollution – that is, dirt and residues are channelled back into the filter when the lids are opened during the filter replacement or maintenance process. Its brand-new two-way diverter also makes it convenient for the user to swap between TAP WATER and the NANOS WATER.     

Filter A Pressure Release Valve

With this feature, the residual water that is in the system will be released when removing the Filter A, thus preventing the possibility of water leaks. 

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