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Since our establishment in 2006, our core values have been the cornerstone of our identity and our drivers of success. In spite of the growth that we have been experiencing over the decades, we stay loyal to our unwavering values that have helped us thrive, even in the most difficult times of the economy. 

The fundamental beliefs that drive us to where we are today are as follow:




The Promise of Health

We are committed to our promise to deliver quality products that ensure the well-being and good health of every individual. Providing only the best, our top-notch services make sure that clean water is a luxury that every household can afford, thus adding value to the lifestyle or living standard of our nation. Our capacity to do so is what we take pride in and we will continue to strive for our ultimate goals and objectives. 

Social Stewardship

We really do serve with a heart when it comes to our core activities here at Nanos Win Star, which is why we always prioritize the human element or touch in whatever we do. As we firmly believe that our activities would impact the society at large, we pledge ourselves to coming up with more initiatives that would benefit everyone in the long run. We exist with the sole purpose to serve. 

Highest Ethical Behavior

Responding to the demand for clean water, we conduct our businesses with the highest ethical standards and in accordance to all applicable laws in both the local and international settings. It is our core principle to act in the interest of all of our stakeholders at all time, to signify our gratitude for the invaluable trust and support that were invested in us. 

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