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Under the limelight of NANOS, we offer the most outstanding products in the market to serve our clients with the best. 

Our Products

Now more than half the households of Malaysia and the people around the world always drink clean water. All these sounded like a dream just 20 years ago, however, we have made them part of the daily life. The water purifier was once seen as a luxury because it was not a household product like the refrigerator and TV. That is why we started renting the expensive product for a small fee for the first time in the industry to enable many people to drink clean water. 


We do care about the essence of water. We know best water and we can provide care. We believe that making people healthy is what we can do best, so we challenge the world with our sincerity.


As we distinguish ourselves with our core competencies and unique selling proposition, we set new standards in the market and have earned our undisputable reputation as a trusted brand. To date, we have received such positive feedback and demand for our products, which have proven our promises to the people – that is, to supply clean water for the vitality of life. 

NANOS Alkaline Water
NANOS Energy Water
Nanos Alkaline Water

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