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Company Background

Since its establishment in 2006, Nanos Win Star Sdn Bhd lives the ideals of its very founder, Mr. Lim Kim Chong, who is an acclaimed business figure in Malaysia. Acting as the vehicle of his dreams and aspirations to serve the nation at large, the organization supplies water purifiers to household throughout Malaysia, in hope that everyone will be able to afford and enjoy clean water at the lowest cost possible. Driven by such inspiring and noble business objectives, the organization soon gained public acceptance and support for its innovative water-purifying technologies.


Owing to its great success at the early phases of its business presence, the company soon up-scaled its operation to expand its circumference of influence in the local setting. Thriving successfully in the face of the tough competition in the industry and the challenging world economic climate, it seized a substantial percentage of the total market share, proving its undisputable ability in future-proofing itself from market failures. It records astounding sales performance from year to year, sustaining its prominence with its effective strategies and market plans. 




Nanos Water

We continue to grow until today with the great diversity of plans and campaigns

The organization rapidly outgrew its competitors in the market as it accumulates significant titles and recognition to its name – amongst others, the Asia Success Award and the SME Recognition Award. As an excellent intellectual property and business breakthrough, it was also endorsed by various local and international authorities such as the SIRIM QAS, IFRC Asia Islamic Food Research Centre and many others, which further strengthened the public’s confidence in its goodwill. 


Beyond all questions, all these would not be possible without the effective strategies of the founder and the important key directors who are under the veil of the organization. From its retail plans to its door-to-door strategies and marketing positioning, it has surprised the market with its proven results, which have surpassed the norms of the market. The organization continues to grow until today with a great diversity of plans and campaigns that would create possibilities that are unlike any others from the past. Foreseeing even greater future market potentials, Nanos Win Star will continue to thrive and strive to impact the industry on a more significant level. 

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