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Dr Ricky Beh started his career in the sales and marketing industry at a young age. However, his 30 years of experience in marketing and direct selling has given him an edge in the business industry. 


Dr Ricky Beh's strategic planning and marketing achievements were recognized when he received his Doctor of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship in 2009. With his brilliant vision, precise strategy, and entrepreneurial skills, Dato' Sri Dr Ricky Beh has become a key person in the Group Executive Chairman of The Boston Group, a company that ventured into different sectors, including F&B, water filter and entertainment.

Dr Ricky Beh owns companies in many countries in Asia. He has also won the Super Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Asian Super Enterprise Award and the Outstanding Award winner. He has created over 100 million corporate marketing performances and led over 100,000 teams in the enterprises. 


Besides, He believes everyone deserves good health, happiness and quality of life. So, with an ambition to create a better, healthier society for all, he founded CVI Link and developed the core product of Lucenta Deer Placenta. In addition, he created the Bitney Foundations community blockchain and digital transformation and completed an integrated platform.

Blue Water

Today, he sees and believes that the potential of durian cultivation will be a new source of agricultural wealth in Malaysia. Therefore, he has entered the durian agribusiness and brought durian to another metaverse.

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